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B×B / Shingo Takahashi (MIX CD)

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灯りが点いた夜の街、週末酒場に行けば誰かに会える。 思い出に浸って一人グラスを傾けたり、ここで会う顔なじみとひと時の語らいを楽しんだり。 飲み足りない夜のもう一杯。のつもりがすっかり終電も逃して、いつもながらの泣きの一杯なのにマスターの選曲が帰らせてくれない。 まあ、明日休みだしいいか。 泣いたり笑ったり怒ったり喜んだり、嫌なことは全部酒に流して忘れよう。 ここにはいつも音楽と人の繋がりがある。 そんな酒場(ソウルバー/ミュージックバー)のとある1日をイメージしたメロウでラウンジーでちょっとイキッたMIX「B×B」。 こんな時だから、せめてもの機運醸成に。 In the evening when the lights are on, you can meet someone at the Weekend Bar. You can enjoy a glass of wine alone, soaking in memories, or enjoy a moment of conversation with a familiar face you meet here. One more drink on a night when you are short on drinks. I had intended to have another drink, but I missed the last train, and the master's music selection wouldn't let me go home, even though I was crying as usual. Oh well, it's my day off tomorrow. Let's forget all the crying, laughing, anger, joy, and other unpleasant things by letting the drinks do the work for us. There is always a connection between music and people here. "B×B" is a mellow, loud, and a little bit kick-ass mix inspired by a day at such a bar (soul bar/music bar). It's a time like this, so let's at least try to create some momentum.

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