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Bitter Sweet -Shooting Mix Of "Summer Vibes"- (MIX CD)

1,560 JPY

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サブスクリプションサービス「Break Room」メンバーページで公開している動画コンテンツから、傑作MIXをフィジカルリリース! Break Room Vol.12、Break Room Vol.13の『夏』を感じる「Soul/Funk HipHop」2編をまとめてコンパイル! Break Roomメンバーページで公開しているフル動画&トラックリストページ、DL用サウンドファイルも付属! This mix CD is a pre-order item (7/12 release). Pre-order privilege(Free gift is now closed) Lunch bag as a present! Please choose one of the three types (1) Camo, (2) Olive, or (3) Navy and enter it in the remarks column. Two masterpiece mixes from the video contents available on the "Break Room" subscription service member page will be released simultaneously! Two "Soul,/Funk HipHop" mixes that feel "summer" from Break Room Vol.12 and Break Room Vol.13 are compiled together! Includes the same full video & track listing page as the one on the Break Room member page, and sound files for DL!

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